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Journey of a Frontman

Apr 27, 2016

Alex sits down with the voice of The Rock 106.9 WCCC and iRockRadio, Mike Karolyi. It’s been a very eventful couple of years for Karolyi and the beloved station. From being pressured to adopt a classic rock format in 2013, getting bought out by a Christian station in August of 2014 with one final major broadcast and...

Apr 19, 2016

Eric Bischoff has seen it all in the world of wrestling. He's certainly no stranger to controversy, shocking surprises and the art of entertainment. Obert and Bischoff sit down to discuss his WWE experience, getting yourself over as a wrestler and his thoughts on present-day WWE. Plus, a special exclusive for JOAF! The...

Apr 19, 2016

Michael Aspinwall returns to JOAF with stories about his time as a server for Bubba Gump, the process of auditions and rejections, an upcoming web series, the future of Dr. Shelby and more.

Apr 12, 2016

Michael Aspinwall was featured on WWE programming throughout 2012 and 2013 as Dr. Shelby, the anger management therapist for Kane and Daniel Bryan. The character was met with critical acclaim and that comes as no surprise since Aspinwall knocked it out of the park every time that he was there. In part one of a special...