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Journey of a Frontman

May 23, 2016

EC3 of Impact Wrestling (and the current House of Glory World Champion…as well as a lover of cats, The Simpsons and bacon jerky!) makes his way to Journey of a Frontman right before a successful title defense in New York City.

May 16, 2016

Alex Shelley, a Detroit native and one half of the Motor City Machine Guns, has made a big name for himself in TNA, Ring of Honor and New Japan. And did you know that he was in a band called The High Crusade? His taste in music is impeccable and you'll get to find out more about it when Obert and Shelley talk about...

May 13, 2016

Right before a gig in Rhode Island, Alex sits down backstage with Paulie Z as well as his bandmates, Charles Ramsey (keys), Joey D’Alessio (bass) and Mike Sankari (drums) for an engaging and entertaining chat.